Pension reform would be presented in February 2023: Would this change affect millions of people?

Pension reform would be presented in February 2023: Would this change affect millions of people?

The President Gustavo Petrosince his presidential campaign, announced that his solution for more people to have a pension in Colombia is that all the people who earn up to 4 monthly minimum salary must be listed in Colpensiones, the State pension fund.

This pension reform, according to experts, would affect millions of people, which is why workers who are contributing a pension, they need to know about said presentation and the changes that it will bring.

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The current president of Colpensiones, Jaime Dussán, announced that this reform, like any of the Petro government, will be discussed with all parties and will go through Congress for debate and approval.

According to what he said, the text of the pension reform will be known in the first months of 2023. “I think the last week of February, because we aspire to present it to Congress on March 15,” he said.

However, Dussán warned that this work has already begun. He also explained that With this reform they will seek to link the private pension funds, which are, together with the Colombians, the most affected by this reform.

“We already integrated a commission in the Ministry of Labor in which we are going to participate with that portfolio, Colpensiones, the Ministry of Finance, the public sector and with us all the pension funds, the economic unions and experts in the matter will participate, taking into account It takes into account the contributions of universities and researchers in this matter”, explained Dussán.

The intention of the president and the entire government is to stop paying pensions and for Colombians themselves to do so. With the passage of a large number of citizens to contribute to Colpensiones, the money that the workers contribute monthly would be used to give their allowance to the elderly who are currently retired.

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With this, it would be expected that in Colombia the number of people who currently receive a pension grows. In addition, to the elderly who already receive a pension, President Petro will give them a bonus of 500,000 pesos that for some reason did not manage to add the weeks of pension.

I think that in general we are going to take into account the criteria that are in the government program that was voted for by the majority of Colombians. and proposed by the current President of the Republic, Dr. Gustavo Petro. He has clearly stated where the basis of this pension proposal would be ”, mentioned the president of Colpensiones

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