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Pension for the elderly: they approve direct inclusion at 80 years of age

The Chamber of Deputies granted half a sanction to a project that modifies the current law on the right to alimony for older adults in a situation of poverty.

It is worth mentioning that the current regulations state that those who are 65 years of age, who meet the requirements, should be benefited. However, it is not fully complied with.

The modification intends that those who have not been included among the beneficiaries in a first stage, can obtain the pension automatically when they reach 80 years of age.

The project legislator, Del Pilar Medina (ANR-Central), explained that although the current law stipulates the direct entry at age 65, as beneficiaries of this fund, of all those older adults who meet the requirements, “this is not all applied”.

The spirit of this modification, as he referred, points to direct admission for those older adults who did not manage to enter the program in the first stage.

The original document suggested 85 years as the base age; but at the request of deputy Eri Valdez (PLRA-Cordillera), the age was lowered to 80 years.

On the other hand, the changes introduced by the Budget Commission were taken into account, consisting of involving the Ministry of Social Development and the Family and Senior Citizens Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, as those in charge of coordinating the list of beneficiaries.

The document was approved with modifications and sent to the Senate for analysis.

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