Penitentiary Regime affirms that the health of the governor of Santa Cruz "is absolutely stable"

Penitentiary Regime affirms that the health of the governor of Santa Cruz “is absolutely stable”

January 2, 2023, 22:25 PM

January 2, 2023, 22:25 PM

The national director of the Penitentiary Regime, Juan Carlos Limpias, maintained that The health of the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, is absolutely stable and that by having all the conditions in the space where he is in the Chonchocoro prison, his transfer from prison to a hospital is ruled out.

“According to a report from 10 minutes ago from the Chonchocoro Penitentiary Center where we have doctors 24/7 have reported that his state of health is absolutely stable. It is being treated, controlled and monitored,” Limpias said at a press conference.

The position of the Penitentiary Regime is given in response to the statement from Camacho’s legal team, in which it warned that the governor’s health is in critical condition and that due to his degenerative disease, added to a decompensation, he suffers from muscle and nerve paralysis, for which he had to be treated urgently in a hospital due to the precariousness that exists in the Chonchocoro prison.

Limpias praised the work of the administration that he has directed since the first day that Camacho’s detention was determined in said prison, where he assures that enough space to keep safe to the first departmental authority.

He said that from that moment on a medical board was formed to evaluate the health of the governor, in which doctors from the Hospital de Clínicas, the family doctor appointed by the governor’s family, two doctors from the Institute of Forensic Investigations (IDIF), and also doctors from the prison and of the Ombudsman.

He maintained that the medical board established that “Governor Luis Fernando Camacho was stablethat any type of treatment would have no difficulty in being carried out in the same penitentiary center”, since the treatment of the Churg-Strauss syndrome that he suffers was carried out at his home and not in a clinic.

“In that sense, the board was consistent, recommended that the treatment can be carried out in the penitentiary center”, he remarked.

Limpias affirmed that he arranged to authorize a trusted relative of the governor I can accompany you to the prison.

“Despite having a work protocol for health reasons, to avoid any type of misinformation I have established that a family member can accompany the person deprived of liberty at night or at times when necessary,” he asserted.

He indicated that another of the measures taken is that a space was set up “with all the basic conditions and servicesto prevent it from being transferred from one place to another”.

“The prison administration has acted responsibly. We are a State that respects human rights and the rights of those deprived of liberty,” Clean expressed.

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