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Peña wants a Paraguay without poverty and with opportunities

The candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for the ANR, Santiago Peña, was proclaimed this Tuesday as the winner of the elections of December 18. During his speech, he spoke about his government’s objective and called for the unity of the Colorados.

“I want a Paraguay without poverty, because having such a rich country, poverty is injustice. I want a Paraguay where no one is left out, because if a Paraguayan is in need, we are failing as a society. I want a Paraguay with opportunities, a country where we take care of our children and grandparents, a Paraguay where we can once again dream big,” said Santiago Peña, upon being proclaimed ANR candidate for the Presidency of the Republic.

He added that The aforementioned objectives will only be possible with everyone’s help. “No one makes a country alone, but we can make them from the largest Party, the beloved Colorado Party,” he said.

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Pain said he proudly accepts the responsibility of representing the ANR in the general elections on April 30 and it does so “invoking all the passage of its tradition, history and doctrinal legacy.”

Peña wants a Paraguay without poverty and with opportunities

Santiago Peña, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. Photo: Jorge Romero – Media Nation.

The presidential candidate He urged to forget about whims and personalities and prioritize the flag of service and solidarity. “More than ever, our country needs a united Colorado Party, which puts people and social needs first, it needs the maturity of our leaders to achieve a common agenda that prioritizes State policies in favor of the most vulnerable sectors,” stressed.

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In addition, He ratified his commitment to work tirelessly to build trust in those who did not vote for him. “Know that I am going to honor this show of trust with a lot of work, putting the best of myself at the service of the country and with the conviction that working together we can make Paraguay better,” he pointed out.

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