Pelé's son postpones his return to Londrina to continue accompanying him in the hospital

Pelé’s son postpones his return to Londrina to continue accompanying him in the hospital

the exporter edinhoson of Edson Arantes do Nascimento ‘Pele’, postponed his return to the club londrinain which he works as a coach, in order to continue accompanying the three-time world champion in the hospital where he has been hospitalized for a month, at a time when his state of health is cause for concern.

The team of londrinacity in the neighboring state of paranareported on Monday that edinho asked for permission to stay sao paulo for an indefinite period to be able to continue alongside the man considered by many to be the best footballer of all time.

The players of the londrinawho are preparing for a friendly next Friday with the mariliaworked today under the orders of the auxiliaries of edinhowhich is in sao paulo since Saturday.

Many of the children and grandchildren of Peleas well as his wife, spent Christmas night at the Albert Einstein Hospital from sao paulowhere the former soccer player has been hospitalized since November 29 and his state of health is considered delicate.

The state of health of the 82-year-old ex-soccer player monopolizes the attention in Brazil since last Wednesday, when the Albert Einstein reported a worsening colon cancer that was diagnosed in 2021 and said that Pele is receiving care related to “kidney and heart dysfunctions”.

Pele He was hospitalized to evaluate a change in the chemotherapy treatment he had been receiving since the colon tumor was detected in September last year.

Days later, the hospital reported that it was also treating him for a respiratory infection that, according to his daughters, he suffered as a result of a covid-19 infection.

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