El trovador cubano Pedro Luis Ferrer durante un concierto en Tampa, Estados Unidos, en 2019. Foto: captura de video / La Trova en Vivo / Archivo.

Pedro Luis Ferrer will celebrate his 70th birthday with a concert in Miami

Cuban singer-songwriter Pedro Luis Ferrer announced that on the occasion of his 70th birthday he will offer a concert on September 17 in the city of Miami. The musician will perform many of the songs that place him as one of the highest exponents of trova on the Island.

The evening will be hosted by the James L Knight Centerand for him troubadour It represents “a formidable occasion to also celebrate my fruitful and modest artistic work,” according to what was published on his Facebook profile.

“I will sing a bunch of songs born and released day by day, sometimes against all odds, in the endearing archipelago where God made me born and grow; stanzas incubated in the difficult and contradictory struggle of our people ”, adds Ferrer in his publication.

The author of notable themes of the cuban trova He announced that “it will be an intense night of lyricism, humor and reflection, under the old sound range from the island’s musical and poetic heritage: guaracha, son, changüisa, song, tenth, quatrain, sonnets…”.

In addition, he stated that he would have liked, on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, “to perform for the diverse public of the Island, which has always welcomed me with respect and affection.”

In the text where he announces his next presentation, Ferrer enthusiastically recalls his performances on small stages in Cuban cities and towns, “to the sound of ‘Abuelo Paco’, ‘100% Cuban’, ‘I’m not as much as he’, ‘Amigo Palero ‘, ‘He has a delirium of loving men’, ‘Marucha the prostitute’, ‘Mariposa’, ‘In foam and sand’, ‘Artificial Insemination (Pijirigua)’”.

“I lovingly review those simple and sincere incursions, chanted by the island people on foot: ‘Oh, what happiness, how I like to speak Spanish,'” he added.

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Without going into details, the singer-songwriter recalled that for various reasons he has not performed in Cuba for years. “Nevertheless, I sense that this concert for my seventieth birthday in the city of Miami will be energized by this deep-rooted desire of mine to return, without concessions, as always, to step on the island stages,” he affirmed.

For some time, Pedro Luis Ferrer settled in South Florida. He is one of the most important living figures in Cuban culture, who has questioned the island’s government more than once. As a result of the protests that took place in various parts of the Caribbean nation on July 11 of last year, he supported the decision of many Cubans to express their disagreements.

“I support the legitimate right of the Cuban people to protest peacefully. The streets of Cuba belong to Cubans, all with their different convictions. A full State is the one that represents and defends all its citizens without distinction of creeds or ideologies”, he wrote then on his Facebook profile.

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