Pedro Juan Caballero elects new mayor after assassination of his local president

Pedro Juan Caballero elects new mayor after assassination of his local president

The inhabitants of the city of Pedro Juan Caballero (east) went to the polls this Sunday to elect a new mayor, after an attack that killed the local president last May.

The Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE) indicated that 188 voting tables were set up, to which 74,337 citizens of the capital of the department of Amambay are expected to attend.

The six locations set up for this process, in which 210 voting machines will work, opened their doors at 7:00 local time (10:00 GMT). The day will conclude at 17:00 (20:00 GMT).

This city, with some 140,000 inhabitants, is a neighbor of the Brazilian city of Punta Porá.

The TSJE called, through a resolution last June, new elections after the death, on May 21, of Acevedo, 51 years old.

The deceased mayor, of the opposition Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA), had been shot at on May 17 by a subject who got out of a car and intercepted him in the surroundings of the municipality (town hall) when he was on his way, without an escort, towards your vehicle.

In these elections compete Ronald Acevedo, brother of José Carlos Acevedo and also of the PLRA, who resigned his position as governor of Amambay, to fight for mayor.

His wife, Carolina Yunis de Acevedo, has been interim mayor since the death of her brother-in-law José Carlos Acevedo.

Julio Vega Dávalos, candidate of the National Republican Association (ANR) or Colorado Party, and Luis Gabriel Genez, of the Patria Querida Party (PPQ), have also run for these elections.

Pedro Juan Caballero has been the scene in recent months of various violent deaths.

Among the victims of this violence is the niece of the assassinated local president and daughter of the now mayoral candidate, Haylee Acevedo, who lost her life in October 2021 in an attack in which three other people died.

On September 6, journalist Humberto Coronel died from the shots fired by a subject who was traveling on a motorcycle and who attacked him when he was about to get into his car, parked in front of Radio Amambay, owned by the Acevedo family. .

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