Pedro Castillo: "We are not distracted by attacks or malicious questions"

Pedro Castillo: “We are not distracted by attacks or malicious questions”

The president of the Republic, assured that the Government continues to work despite the “attacks” and the questions they have been receiving.

“My Government continues to work with great responsibility and dedication for the health of all Peruvians. We are not distracted by attacks or malicious questioning”he pointed.

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The president speaks while the National Prosecutor’s Office has included him in various investigations for crimes that Pedro Castillo had committed along with other high-ranking officials, trusted people and relatives.

In parallel, the Congress of the Republic has interpellations scheduled against ministers of State criticized for their relationship with alleged acts of corruption. This Wednesday, November 7, the Minister of the Interior, Willy Huerta, will attend Parliament.

Two days before, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Geiner Alvarado, was questioned, who is also being investigated for acts he would have committed when he occupied the Housing sector.

Pedro Castillo led the delivery of 18 ambulances donated by the Government of Japan and the United Nations International Association for Migration.

“Our goal is to bring quality health to the most remote corners of the country. It is not an easy task, after so many years of abandonment in the public health system”warned the president at the event.


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