Pedro Castillo: "They plant thousands of things to make us see that I am corrupt"

Pedro Castillo: “They plant thousands of things to make us see that I am corrupt”

It continues to victimize. President He indicated that thousands of things have been planted against him and his family to spread the version that they are corrupt. Since affirmed that the investigations against him are unsubstantiated.

Now the fight is not in Congress, the fight is in another space, where they plant thousands of things to make us see that Pedro Castillo is corrupthe claimed.

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“They are sowing to make and pull my family and say that the son, the family, the environment, their shadows, all are corrupt. The thief thinking that everyone is of the same condition, is not so. We have been raised with cut nails, he added.

Castillo Terrones’ statement was given at the end of his participation in the ceremony of the 483rd Anniversary of the founding of the city of Huánuco.

His statements come after this week it became known that the Public Ministry opened a sixth investigation against him and the fifth for acts allegedly committed in his management.

In the sixth preliminary investigation initiated by the prosecution, the head of state, Pedro Castillo, and Geiner Alvarado, in his capacity as Minister of Housing, are accused “for the alleged crime against public tranquility, in the form of criminal organization.

The object of the investigation refers to the works awarded in the provinces of Chota-Cajamarca and Cajatambo-Lima”.


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