Pedro Castillo: The Prosecutor's Office requests information on the functions of the Undersecretary General of the Government Palace

Pedro Castillo: The Prosecutor’s Office requests information on the functions of the Undersecretary General of the Government Palace

The anti-corruption prosecutor Rosario Kiko Palomino requested the secretary general of Jorge Ricardo Alva Coronado, documented information from his undersecretary, Beder Camacho Gadea.

According to the document published by Canal N, a Report on Camacho Gadea’s employment relationship with the Government Palace and what positions he would have heldindicating dates and periods.

It was also requested to send the personal file of said official in original, certified and/or fedate copy, in addition to supporting with documents (MOF, ROF, circulars, directives) the functions it performs.

In the same way, it is requested to inform which officials of the Presidential Office would be in charge of the Administrative Supply System during the 2019-2022 period.

Finally, it is requested to indicate the contracts that would have been executed with the company Milabed SAC and Mega Medical SAC in the period 2019-2022and the officials who would have been in charge of them.

According to the Peru21 newspaper, in its last Sworn Declaration of Interests (DJI), since 2015 Beder Camacho Gadea owns 50% of the shares in Milabed SAC This firm has as general manager the industrial engineer Milagros Paz Canelo.

Precisely, Paz Canelo appears as a supplier in the Presidential Office through another company called Asia Group EIRL. In addition, her husband, Roberto Bravo Vigo, has provided services to the same area through the Mega Medical SAC company. The years of the contracts were 2019 and 2020.

In this regard, the Comptroller General of the Republic has alerted the business relationship between Milagros Paz and the current presidential undersecretarywho is responsible for the administrative supply system.

It should be noted that Beder Camacho Gadea He is one of those investigated by the Second Specialized Supraprovincial Corporate Prosecutor’s Office against Organized Crime for the alleged crime of criminal organization inside the Government Palace, as a result of the case of the alleged shadow cabinet.

The investigation, led by the provincial prosecutor Irene Mercado Zavala, also includes officials Biberto Castillo León, Jaime Idrogo Mejía, Wilson Petrel Mostacero, Rodolfo Ramírez Apolinario, Franco Pomalaya Neyra, José Luis Cristóbal Quispe and Sandra Paico Carrasco.


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