Pedro Castillo said that Senmache had 5 months as minister, but barely a month passed

The regretted that the Minister of the Interior, , has been censured by Congress. From Trujillo, the president pointed out that the aforementioned official had “barely five months after taking office,” but he is wrong.

The outgoing head of the Interior portfolio took office on May 22, that is, he did not serve a month and a half in his position.

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Later, Pedro Castillo also argued that political reasons have prevailed in the decision of Congress “rather than the purpose of objectively overseeing the work of the Executive.” In addition, he pointed out that “with these decisions those who lose the most are the citizens.”

During his speech at the inauguration of the Flagrancia Unit, held this morning, the President of the Republic also assured that he will continue to fight against corruption and asked to work in unity and consensus, prioritizing the fundamental issues of the country.

Censorship of Senmache

With 78 votes in favor, 29 votes against and 8 abstentions, the Plenary Session of the Congress of the Republic censured the Minister of the Interior, Dimitri Senmache. In the debate, the different positions of the congressmen from various benches were postulated, the main questions against Senmache were the escape of former minister Juan Silva and the others involved in the corruption cases that would implicate the president, Pedro Castillo.


Minister Dimitri Senmache censured

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