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Pedro Castillo requests, in audience, telephone access to communicate with his family

Pedro Castillo requests, in audience, telephone access to communicate with his family

Now he wants privileges. was pronounced this Wednesday, December 28, during his appeal hearing against the 18-month preventive detention imposed on him for the crime of rebellion (alternatively, conspiracy) after carrying out a failed coup on December 7.

“You must be aware, Mr. Judge, that to date I am incommunicado. I have not had access to a telephone number to call my family,” Pedro Castillo complained in his final statement at the hearing.

Regarding his family roots, Pedro Castillo stated that “how else can I justify if not more putting (my family) before safekeeping in exchange for my freedom.”

“Moreover, I must state that I request to be given the opportunity to have access to a telephone service to call my parents and my family. Thank you very much,” said the former president. This time, Supreme Judge Juan Carlos Checkley anticipated and warned that he would not receive proclamations from the defendants.

Statements by Pedro Castillo at the hearing


At another point, Castillo accused Congress of having conspired against him to remove him from power.

“Your Judge, I have not committed any crime of conspiracy, but the one who has conspired is Congress and other institutions with the purpose of putting together a plan for the fall of my government through successive vacancy requests and other tricks.

The former president also assured that everything is about political revenge.

“Finally, I ask that you reflect and see how this unjust preventive detention that has been imposed on me has only served to polarize the country. Everything that is done against me and this entire process is nothing more than political revenge. I ask that the hatred cease and I ask for my freedom for being a fair right,” he added.


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