Pedro Castillo: 72% disapprove of the president's management, according to Ipsos

Pedro Castillo: 72% disapprove of the president’s management, according to Ipsos

The latest poll conducted by Ipsos for El Comercio revealed that 72% of respondents disapprove of the management of the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, who has been in charge of the Government for nearly 10 months.

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Before the question: “In general, would you say that you approve or disapprove of President Pedro Castillo’s management?”, Only 22% of Peruvians approve of the president’s managementa figure that increased by 3 percentage points compared to the survey of last April.

In relation to the president of the Council of Ministers, Hannibal Torresthe survey also indicated that 67% disapprove of his work, while 18% support his management within the Executive, a percentage that was reduced by one percentage point compared to last month

In addition, 42% were in favor of the head of state being removed in the event that the Congress of the Republic presents a new vacancy motion due to permanent moral incapacity.

On the other hand, 29% indicated that they disagreed with the departure of Castillo Terrones from the Government in this way, while 17% said that they “would think about it and could agree.”

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Congressional disapproval

In relation to Parliament, a 82% of those surveyed said they did not support the legislative work that it carries out, a figure that increased by 3% compared to last month. In addition, only 12% support the congressional work of recent months.

When consulting on the president of the Legislative Power, Maria del Carmen Alvathe Ipsos survey detailed that 69% disapprove of his management, meanwhile, 16% support it, a percentage that was reduced by one percentage point compared to the April survey.


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