Pecci's wife identified the prosecutor's murderer, "it was he who shot him"

Pecci’s wife identified the prosecutor’s murderer, “it was he who shot him”

Before her return to Paraguay, she gave some details of what happened on the day of her husband’s crime.

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Claudia Aguilera, wife of the prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, murdered on the island of Barú in Cartagena, returned to Paraguay under the strong custody of the authorities of that country.

Her return to Guarani territory took place on a flight of the Paraguayan presidential plane and with a security operation to protect her integrity given everything that happened with her husband in Colombia.

Pecci's wife identified the prosecutor's murderer, "it was he who shot him"
Pecci’s wife.
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The aircraft landed on Thursday at the Silvio Pettirossi Air Base in the city of Luque and after the plane’s descent, Pecci’s wife was transported in a convoy of armored vans.

At this time, his safety is a critical issue for the Paraguayan authorities, given the importance of his testimony in the investigation being carried out into the drug prosecutor’s crime.

Before leaving for her country, Aguilera spoke with the journalist Óscar Lovera, a colleague of hers from the news where the journalist works.

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In the short conversation, the social communicator stated that the person the authorities are looking for as the alleged murderer is the same one who shot her husband on the beach in Barú.

It should be remembered that this mysterious subject was captured by a surveillance camera when he rented a jet ski worth 200 thousand pesos.

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He was wearing shorts and a dark shirt, a hat and glasses.

«The man you see in that photograph is indeed the shooter, he is the one who fired the weapon; that dark-skinned man, one meter seventy-eight, who has the hat, with a very thin physical complexion but with very marked muscles, ”said the reporter about the details of the conversation with Claudia.

Pecci's wife identified the prosecutor's murderer, "it was he who shot him"
One of the alleged murderers of Marcelo Pecci.

“He extended his arm directly towards Pecci and struck the weapon three times,” added the journalist about the testimony collected by the prosecutor’s wife.

In addition, the prosecutor’s sentimental partner explained that Pecci was removing the sand from his body when the hitman shot him three times. The prosecutor was standing and his executioner shot him from the side.

It is necessary to indicate that for information that allows the capture of this subject, the authorities have offered a reward of up to 2 billion pesos.

Below are the journalist’s statements about the dialogue he had with the wife of the Paraguayan prosecutor murdered in Barú:

Cover photo: @claudiaaguilera

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