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Pecci crime: material author would be close to being captured

The investigation of the murder of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci continues to advance in search of those responsible for the act. In that sense, the authorities would already have precise information about one of the perpetrators of the crime.

Martha Soto, an investigative journalist for the newspaper El Tiempo in Colombia, informed the GEN channel of Nación Media that in the last few hours more than 100 prosecutorial police activities were carried out in the context of the murder of Marcelo Pecci on a Cartagena beach.

In this sense, the journalist pointed out that it is possible that the investigators are close to capturing at least one of the material authors of the act, based on all the elements they have.

It should be remembered that the Colombian Police today released the spoken portrait of one of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci’s assassins and they ask for national and international collaboration to identify him.

The wanted man is 1.74 meters tall, is dark-haired, has a Caribbean accent, so it is presumed that he is Colombian or Venezuelan, without ruling out that he is of another nationality.

There is a millionaire reward for people who help find the gunmen, the amount that was originally 500 Colombian pesos, rose to two billion, which in exchange would be half a million dollars.

On the other hand, the journalist maintained that since prosecutor Pecci had several causes with which he was linked, the investigation seeks to specify which of them could be the motive for the crime.

One of the hypotheses points to the terrorist group Hezbollah, since in 2019, through the work of prosecutor Pecci, Nader Mohamad Farhat was able to be extradited to the United States, who is facing a process for money laundering through exchange houses in the triple border.

The other line of investigation refers to the recent operation carried out in our country against organized crime, called “A Ultranza PY”, in which prosecutor Pecci also participated.

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