PEC vote to alleviate fuel high is postponed to tomorrow

Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) decided to postpone the vote on the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) to tomorrow’s session (30), which brings a package with five measures to reduce the impacts generated by the high fuel prices. in Brazil. After several manifestations by senators, Pacheco understood that the postponement of the vote was more appropriate.PEC vote to alleviate fuel high is postponed to tomorrowPEC vote to alleviate fuel high is postponed to tomorrow

“It seems to me, from the statements, that everyone agrees with the measures that are being put in place, as long as there is security in relation to not dealing with a blank check that is the pure expression of fiscal irresponsibility, which we would not do in the Federal Senate. ”, said the president of the house. “But, in fact, when it comes to a constitutional amendment, the passing of a day or two, so that we have security of the text, I think it’s absolutely appropriate,” he added.

Initially, PEC 16 would be voted on today, with government proposals to compensate states for the reduction of ICMS on diesel. Finally, the PEC 1 went to the plenary, which already provided for several proposed measures and until then was parked in the Senate for lack of government support. From PEC 16, which ended up being joined to PEC 1, the only remaining point was compensation to states that reduce the ICMS rate on ethanol.

Today (29), in the morning, the rapporteur, Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE), concluded and presented a report, detailing the proposals ( -can-vote-today-pec-which-alleviates-impact-of-high-fuels). Among them is the payment of the truck driver voucher, in the amount of R$ 1 thousand monthly for five months. Another proposal is the inclusion of over 1.6 million families in Auxílio Brasil, a program that replaced Bolsa Família. In addition to significantly increasing the number of beneficiaries of the social program, there is a forecast of an increase of R$ 200 in the value of the program until December of this year.

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