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Peace agreement with the Farc: reason for a new Petro-Santos meeting

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Peace agreement with the Farc: reason for a new Petro-Santos meeting

This Wednesday President Gustavo Petro and the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Juan Manuel Santos, will meet face to face at Casa de Nariño to discuss the implementation of the Peace Agreement. The Colombian president has raised serious objections to the signing of the 2016 text.

as he knew RCN Radio, The appointment will be held at the presidential palace facilities at 8:00 am, when Santos will hear, for the first time, Petro’s objections against the architecture of the Teatro Colón Agreement.

After the private meeting that he will hold with the former president, the Colombian president will hold a meeting, also private, with Rodrigo Londoño, alias Timochenkowho is the chairman of the Commons Party.

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In recent days, during his visit to Medellín, President Gustavo Petro attacked the Peace Agreement signed in the Santos Government. He said that it was signed “incomplete” and without the possibility of talking about the economic model.

“In the Santos government, when the meeting was held, the process with the Farc, Santos himself spoke on some occasion publicly about putting some red stripes, he said, they had to do with the economic modelsaid the president Gustavo Petro.

He said that when the Peace Agreement is studied, “there, if one wanted to put it as a realized illusion, What would Colombian society be like if all the points written there came true?the president wondered.

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He stressed that this exercise would give a rural society, “a romanticism.” He criticized that “rural society is not written in the Agreements, the word knowledge, knowing, the word Universityat least in what we study, the word industrialization is not written”.

In his strong criticism, the president reiterated that looking back would be looking at a historical perspective, “In my opinion, undoubtedly, it remains incomplete, that does not mean that the Agreement is not fulfilled.”

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During his visit to the city of Medellín, Petro said that the final Agreement with the Farc proposes an instance created at the time that enables its transformation“that I would like to see it called to look at the issues that were not introduced, more in a perspective of dialogue with society”.

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