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PDVSA plant on the Eastern Coast of the Lake is paralyzed after explosion

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At the PDVSA Lama plant, located on the eastern coast of the lake, there was an explosion that paralyzed the facilities due to damage to the main turbine. In recent days, Minister Pedro Tellechea went to inspect the start of operations of the Lama 3C module, and incorporate some five thousand barrels of gas per day

In the afternoon of Thursday, June 6, the explosion was recorded at the “Lama” plant of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), located on the eastern coast of Lake Maracaibo, Zulia state.

The damage at the PDVSA Lama plant was recorded in the generating turbine and, apparently, the security systems did not work, so the infrastructure was paralyzed. Maritime firefighters managed to put out the fire.

Neither PDVSA nor the Ministry of Petroleum had ruled on the causes of the incident after 11:00 am on Friday, July 7.

On June 23, the president of PDVSA and Minister of Petroleum, Pedro Tellechea, paid a visit to the Lama Compression Plant to start operations of the Lama 3C module, and incorporate some 5,000 barrels of gas per day.

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That day, according to one Press release of the state oil company, Tellechea went to the Lagomar Production Unit to deliver five recovered vessels, including diving boats, personnel transport and mechanical tugboats.

The mishap that occurred at the Lama de PDVSA plant in Zulia occurred on the same day that a new oil spill in the Falcon state.

According to the journalist Lenín Danieri, the crude oil leak was reported at the Pajuisal pumping station, in the Buchivacoa municipality of the Falconian entity, as a result of the failure of a tube that carries oil from Ulé to the Amuay refinery.

On the other hand, the director of Fundación Azul Ambientalistas, Yohan Flores, ratified the July 4th the complaint about the oil spills in Lake Maracaibo, noting that the main leaks of crude come from Bachaquero, Valmore Rodríguez municipality; and from the San Francisco municipality, both from Zulia state.

According to Flores, another of the areas where a constant hydrocarbon leak contaminates the largest lake in Latin America is in the town of Barranquitas, in the Rosario de Perijá municipality, in the south of the lake.

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