PDT chooses Ana Paula Matos to be vice-president of Ciro Gomes

The PDT chose today (5) the vice-mayor of Salvador, Ana Paula Matos, as a candidate for vice-president on the slate of Ciro Gomes in this year’s elections. With this, a “pure blood” ticket was formed, when there are only members of the party itself in the dispute.PDT chooses Ana Paula Matos to be vice-president of Ciro GomesPDT chooses Ana Paula Matos to be vice-president of Ciro Gomes

In a statement, the party said that Ana Paula has experience in public management and “will contribute to the coordination of the government plan”. The acronym added that she “to havewill play a key role” in defending the party’s National Development Project. In a press conference after the decision, Ana Paula said that her mission will be to represent “black people and women”. “My greatest contribution is to think of a new matrix of economic development , with more equity and, above all, defending women”, added the candidate for Vice-President.

The choice of the name of Ana Paula took place in a meeting of the National Executive of the PDT held this morning fridaythursday (5), last day of the electoral calendar for the definition of slates by the parties. The vice-presidential candidate bested other women who were also in the pipeline to form a pure ticket with Ciro.


Ana Paula, 44 years old, born in Salvador, has a strong presence in the social area and in the fight against poverty, understanding the importance of the fight to end poverty in Brazil. Black, she has fought racism and advocated affirmative policies. If elected, she will be the first black woman to hold the position in Brazil. She is close to the former mayor of Salvador ACM Neto (União Brasil), for whom she was municipal secretary. In the 2020 election, she was elected vice-mayor of Salvador on the slate headed by Bruno Reis (União Brasil).

Lawyer, professor, postgraduate in finance and with a master’s degree in administration, Ana Paula is a civil servant at Petrobras. She began her career in municipal management as Director-General of Education, in 2013. Subsequently, the candidate for vice-president was chief of staff of the vice-prefecture, president of the municipal welfare institute, secretary of City Halls-Neighborhood, secretary of Promotion Social Work and Combating Poverty, and Secretary of Government of Salvador. In 2015, she was invited to take over the Municipal Undersecretariat for Social Promotion, Sport and Fight against Poverty, a portfolio headed by the current mayor of Salvador Bruno Reis.

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