PDI initiates inquiries for threats against parliamentarians who urge to abandon the constitutional process

The Cybercrime Brigade of the Investigative Police (PDI) began proceedings on the threats received by deputies and senators, which urges them to abandon the talks to resume the constitutional process. The inquiries were ordered by the regional prosecutor of Valparaíso, claudia perivancich.

As reported from Congress, a few days ago the parliamentarians received an email with their home addresses. In the message -of anonymous authorship-, they urged them to leave the constituent process. Otherwise, they threatened to “visit” them at their homes. For this reason, both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate filed a complaint with the PDI.

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According to The Mercury, part of the senators; the general secretary of the Corporation, Raul Guzmanand congressional computer scientists will deliver their version to the PDI on Tuesday.

The PDI will carry out other procedures decreed by the Prosecutor’s Office. They will also do others required by the Senate, which not only points to threats, but also to computer crime.

The Corporation required “that the screenshots of the indicated email be obtained, in order to identify the IP of the computer used, georeferenced and obtain the identity of the person who sent it, thus configuring the reported crimes, even more so if we consider that we can still find ourselves in period of flagrante delicto”.

Let us remember that the parties with parliamentary representation met last Wednesday in the Senate Constitution Commission to address the continuation of the constitutional process. The representatives of the communities resumed the talks on Monday and will resume them this Thursday.

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