PCV rejects exclusion of Venezuela to the Summit of the Americas

PCV denounced Jorge Arreaza for making “montages” in networks about the party

The PCV denounced that the PSUV continues with a campaign of disinformation and “montages” to promote the prosecution of the party. In the opinion of Yul Jabour, those who carried out this type of action “serve other interests” and “are active in other political organizations.”

The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) denounced this Tuesday, July 18, that the current Minister of Communes and member of the national leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Jorge Arreaza, starred last Sunday, July 16, in a “montage” in the Barinas state by posting some images on their social networks in which he was surrounded by alleged militants of the “red rooster” with the legend “speechless”.

As indicated by the PCV in its blog “Tribuna Popular”, the image corresponds to a campaign rally that Arreaza held when he ran for the governorship of Barinas in 2021; moment in which the candidate of that political organization was disqualified to give free rein to the PSUV candidate to win at the polls; but it did not work out because it was Sergio Garrido who took the prize.

The PCV in Barinas showed on Twitter the comparison of the photo in question with one where members of the Somos Venezuela Movement appear, identifying the lady who dates Arreaza as Danny Ruiz.

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In the image also appears the councilor of the Ospino de Barinas municipality Robinson García, who would be part of the maneuver that the PCV has been denouncing that the PSUV is doing to prosecute the party.

Yul Jabour, leader of that political organization, denounced from Caracas that the Communist Party of Venezuela was prosecuted by the PCV and by the president Nicolás Maduro since, the denunciations that they have previously made, became true when a group of suspected militants expelled from the party they went to the TSJ to request an ad hoc meeting because they consider that the awning is kidnapped.

In Jabour’s opinion, those who carried out this type of action “serve other interests” and “are active in other political organizations,” while saying that the party acted diligently before the country’s Highest Court to advance actions that allow “unmask” these people.

“Whoever alleges a fact must prove it. And these gentlemen have said that they are militants of the Communist Party of Venezuela; an allegation that from the PCV we have shown to be false ”, he pointed out.

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