Andrade calls on the multicolored coalition to debate the LUC and stop the fear campaign

PCU would support Cosse, and Oscar Andrade’s candidacy is ruled out


The Frente Amplio senator, Óscar Andrade, referred to the social security reform promoted by the Government and questioned its fulfillment of electoral promises. In addition, he ruled out his candidacy for the presidency in the upcoming elections, while indicating that the Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU) could support the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse.

In an interview on Radio Carve’s Asi nos va program, the legislator expressed that he does not see himself among the possible candidates of the Broad Front (FA) for the 2024 elections. He affirmed that his objective is “to return to social militancy”. although in 2018 he had no intentions and was finally convinced.

Regarding the support of the Popular Participation Movement for Yamandú Orsi as a presidential candidate, Andrade indicated that “he has every right to do so.”

Impeachment of Carolina Cosse

Andrade also referred to the impeachment of the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, and expressed his concern about the measure of institutional deterioration that it represents. He affirmed that the impeachment trial in the Senate due to the delay in a request for reports is a way of deteriorating the institutional framework that Uruguay does not deserve.

In addition, he recognized that what is most difficult for the members of the FA is to put on the table the knots that they could not untie. Regarding the political campaign, he considered that this is not the time for candidacies and even less for a campaign.

In this sense, Andrade affirmed that they do not want to win because they are “the least bad”, but that people vote for them out of hope and not out of disappointment. Likewise, he mentioned the achievements of the FA during his administration, such as the reduction in poverty, the improvement of wages, the Ceibal Plan, eye operations and the change in the energy matrix.

social security reform

Andrade also referred to the social security reform promoted by the Government and questioned its fulfillment of electoral promises. He pointed out that “it contains a rude breach of one of the most important electoral promises that Lacalle made: he said ‘I cannot change the rules of the game for the workers who are active'”, and questioned that now the president says: “I had no the numbers when I made the promise”; “It doesn’t seem serious,” he finished.

The senator is opposed to increasing the retirement age without taking into account the people who are left on the road and cutting the pension to those who remain disabled for life. Likewise, he affirmed that he is not jointly financing himself.

Andrade indicated that not only the Cabildo Abierto has criticized the reform, but there are also a number of National Party leaders who have been very critical of the content and time.

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