PCM planted authorities and residents of the Vraem

PCM planted authorities and residents of the Vraem

Aníbal Torres called a technical table for Tuesday the 19th to discuss land use planning in the Vraem. However, when everything was already installed and without explanation, the PCM asked to cancel the meeting. Sources from this newspaper reported that it would have been a direct request from Prime Minister Torres.

The delegation – which was also made up of ministers from other portfolios, regional governors and municipal mayors from the communities in the areas – involved the Vraem Commission of Congress, who indicated that they were not informed of the reason for the cancellation.

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Alex Flores, a parliamentarian from Peru Libre, told Peru21 that he did not have the information why this technical table was delayed, but he assured that it was rescheduled for today. This was confirmed yesterday by the PCM with an official statement.

This newspaper tried to communicate with the mayors of the municipalities that will participate, but only Mónica Chuquimia, mayor of the Río Negro district municipality and president of the Norvraem municipal association, answered the calls, but refused to testify.

The PCM was consulted about the cancellation of this technical table, but they denied everything. “There was no technical table. I have no information, there is nothing else on those days, perhaps it was a table without a premiere, ”they assured.

Postponing the technical table involves having an additional budget for two more days of accommodation and food from the authorities.

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