Patrulla Caminera launches the Holy Week operation

Patrulla Caminera launches the Holy Week operation

This morning a meeting was held between TSJE authorities and representatives of various institutions, in order to plan the details for the upcoming elections on April 30.

Electoral Justice Ministers Jorge Bogarín González and Jaime Bestard participated in the inter-institutional meeting with state agencies and various institutions who will provide assistance in National Elections.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Supreme Court of Justice, the Public Ministry, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior, the National Police and the Military Forces, as well as the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC), ANDE, the Highway Patrol, the Volunteer Firefighters, the National Statistics Institute (INE)among others.

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Bogarín indicated that the primary objective of the TSJE is that These elections, scheduled for Sunday, April 30, “be transparent and clear”hoping that the electoral day develops without setbacks.

The purpose of the meeting was establish communication links between the participating institutions and the Special Commission for the Implementation of Technology for the Voting and Scrutiny SystemBestard said.

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The minister of the TSJE highlighted that they have qualified human resources and under the gaze of the political organizations that participate in the different audits and verifications of all technical and logistical deployment, so that “citizens are sure that the result to be given on April 30 reflects the popular will”.

The Director of Electoral Resources, Francisco Olmedo, offered a review of technical tasks, logistics and security to the presents, in addition to socializing the relevant numbers of the National Elections.

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