Patricia Bullrich met with President Lacalle Pou

Patricia Bullrich met with President Lacalle Pou

The leader and presidential candidate traveled to Punta del Este to hold meetings with businessmen and investors who settled in Uruguay, in order to analyze the necessary conditions to enable the return to Argentina of their activities and undertakings. This Monday, at the end of the tour, the head of the PRO had a meeting with President Lacalle Pou and later met with Vice President Beatriz Argimón.
“With President Lacalle Pou we think of a common policy open to the world and respect for human rights, where security, prosperity and integration are essential for the region,” Bullrich summarized in a statement released this Monday afternoon.
“We are going to do much better if we think big and not small, that is why I proposed to the President that, instead of thinking about small advantages for each country, we think about what we can do together. If we want to be a zone of peace for prosperity, we can think of a common regional security policy. To avoid port problems, it is better to think of regional ports and a common policy for the South Atlantic together with Brazil”, added Bullrich.
Regarding another of her usual topics, security, the former minister of Mauricio Macri considered that “we also have challenges to democracy and drug trafficking.”
Bullrich also sharpened his view regarding foreign policy: «Our view is that of greater regional integration, but open and not closed to the world. Without a doubt, we want to advance in trade agreements to open markets to our producers, starting with the EU and continuing with Southeast Asia, India and North Africa. We must have a common policy towards China.” “We would like to work together so that Brazil shares this greater integration and so that we become a world-class platform for the provision of food, energy, mining, tourism and services, with an efficient industry for the region”, closed by saying the head of the PRO.

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