Patricia Bullrich: "If I win the presidency, there won't be a single social plan left"

Patricia Bullrich: "If I win the presidency, there won’t be a single social plan left"

Bullrich maintained that “whoever wants to govern with fear should stay at home.” / Photo: Telam Archive

A new public debate has been going through Juntos por el Cambio in the last hours, in this case the PRO and focused on how to manage social policies, after the head of the party and presidential candidate, Patricia Bullrich, insisted that if she reaches the Casa Rosada in 2023 “in four years there will not be a single social plan left.”

Bullrich had affirmed that if she is elected President, she would apply a policy related to social assistance “completely different” from the one developed during the Government of Mauricio Macri, when the Social Development portfolio was in charge of Carolina Stanley.

Given these statements, several officials linked to the head of government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta came out to question her, including the Undersecretary of Cultural Management of the city of Buenos Aires, Viviana Cantoni.

Addressing Bullrich, Cantoni wondered: “Will the president of our party (for Bullrich) know that during the presidency of Mauricio Macri in the Ministry of Social Development, led by Carolina Stanley, an unprecedented transformation process began for our country?” .

This official added that “all the decisions that were made during this administration, of which I am proud, were endorsed by the President and the entire team, understanding the context and the importance of a present State that accompanies the transformation and cultural change.” .

For his part, the Secretary of Federal Projection of the Buenos Aires Government, Eduardo Macchiavelli, another Larreta official, endorsed Stanley’s management by stating that “it is much more constructive to continue what was done well than to continue blaming the past.”

Faced with these questions, Bullrich spoke with the news channel La Nación+, and maintained that “whoever wants to govern in fear should stay at home.”.

Bullrich assured that during Stanley’s administration “the street was taken for four years” and affirmed that “the great achievement of a Government must be to reduce poverty and that three million people who have social plans have work.”

“We need to change that and cheer up,” insisted the head of the PRO.

“In four years there cannot be a single social plan; the social plan impoverishes and the only thing that gives dignity is work,” he explained.

He also pointed out that “it would end social plans in an orderly manner, without people being left without an income.”

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