Patria Querida presents an “Anti-hired killer” bill

Fidel Zavala, a senator from Patria Querida, presented, through his social networks, a bill popularly known as “Anti Sicariot”. The initiative has already been presented to the president of the Upper House, Óscar Salomón. According to Zavala, this project seeks to include this type of crime “in the Penal Code, to fill the legal gaps that hinder the investigation and favor impunity.”

Stephan Rasmussen, a national senator of the same party, pointed out at a press conference that unfortunately for years, the cases of hitmen have been increasing. Violence that was accentuated with the murder of Marcelo Pecci at the hands of hit men in Colombia.

“We understand that regulations must be adapted to reality. It is intended to add a specific specification of the issue of hired assassins, to punish the moral and material authors. It is a discussion that will take place in the commissions. The goal is to add as a specification and to make the higher penalties clear,” he stated.

If the project is approved, the figure of the “hired killer” would be introduced in the Penal Code, and could lead to a sentence of 25 years in prison, when in the case of intentional homicide, the author “acted by himself and on his own account with profit motive”.

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