Patria Querida confirms that it will integrate its own lists for legislative positions in 2023

From the Executive Board of the PPQ, they explained that the candidates to achieve a seat in Congress will compete with an independent list outside the agreement, unlike the presidential ticket where deputy Sebastián Villarejo is registered as a pre-candidate, who first he will face the other presidential candidates from the opposition through elections, to define a single candidacy.

According to Villarejo, there are already more than 100 candidates from Patria Querida around the country, who will seek an elective position within this political group, as deputies, senators, and also within the Departmental Boards, he added that for several weeks they have already started training workshops for these people, taught by various PPQ authorities, such as the councilors of Asunción Pablo Callizo, Paulina Serrano, among others.

Finally, the candidate for the chair of López, expressed that “we have a team of committed people who responded to the clarion call of the battle, which does not call us to arms, but to face the challenge of achieving the necessary transformations at the country level, so that Paraguayans can live better”, he concluded.

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