Patients at the Anita Moreno hospital will have access to a new fluoroscope and a CT scanner

Two modern teams are available to the population at the Azuero regional hospital, Anita Moreno, located in Los Santos, in order to reinforce diagnostic studies; it is a fluoroscope and a tomograph, both teams expand the offer of services in the hospital, which provides care not only to the population of Los Santos, but also to Herrera and neighboring provinces.

The CT scanner is widely used to diagnose multiple diseases ranging from circulatory system disorders, kidney and bladder stones to inflammatory diseases, among others.

A fluoroscope is a type of X-ray that shows organs, tissues, and other internal structures in motion. Contrary to the fixed x-rays that are traditionally known, this modern equipment offers moving images in real time; in the next few days the delivery of a conventional X-ray equipment is expected.

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