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Pastor Soto issued transphobic statements against deputy Emilia Schneider and act generates repudiation

The Shepherd Javier Soto last week harassed the deputy emilia schneider on the outskirts of the National Congress, in Valparaíso. Soto issued transphobic sayings against the legislator. The act generated repudiation among the parliamentarians: the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Vlado Mirosevic (PL), described it as “unacceptable”.

“Mr. Schneider, let’s see if you can send the bible to the ethics commission, let’s see if you can send the gospel or a preacher to the ethics commission,” Soto said, according to a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel.

Deputy Schneider said – slogan Bio Bio Radio– That Soto has been sitting in front of Congress for months to harass her and other parliamentarians.

“We are evaluating different actions with the Chamber so that he cannot continue with this act in total impunity,” he added.


The president of the Lower House, Vlado Mirosevic, reacted to the fact and maintained: “the gender violence experienced by the deputy Emilia Schneider by Pastor Soto is unacceptable. Fanaticism is a danger.”

“We must maintain civic coexistence to live in a truly free and tolerant society. All my solidarity with her,” he added.

Meanwhile, the deputy Francisca Bello (CS) accused that “there is not a week in which (Pastor Soto) does not stop to insult her (Schneider) in front of Congress. And there have been years of offenses against diversity and dissent, without receiving major consequences.

“All my support and affection for Emilia, they will never again have the luxury of our silence,” added the legislator.

For his part, the director of the Iguales Foundation Juan Enrique Pi pointed out that “it is a good moment to present an anti-discrimination action against ‘Pastor’ Soto, requesting that the public force prevent him from standing outside Congress from where he harasses a representative of the Republic, violating his right to identity”.

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