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“Passion and Prejudice”, a novel in the memory of Cubans

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MADRID, Spain.- One of the common distractions of Cubans, and an important part of the popular imaginaryThey are undoubtedly soap operas. Among those produced nationally, one of the most remembered by viewers is “Pasión y Prejuicio”, broadcast in 1992 and directed by Eduardo Macías.

The telenovela, which became a television phenomenon, amid stories of love and heartbreak between Beatriz Lahera (Dianelis Brito) and Marcos Urquiza (Rini Cruz), showed republican Cuba, with reminiscences of the independence wars against Spain.

It showed social conflicts, contrasts between the countryside and the city, strikes, intrigues and social prejudices such as the young Beatriz having relations with Marcos without being married. All these elements kept Cubans waiting for 130 episodes.

Although with a minimalist production, the scenic result was better than many current ones, despite having been filmed during the Special Period stage.

Another of the merits of the novel were the performances. In addition to Dianelis Brito and Rini Cruz, the cast included great actors such as Nancy González, César Évora, Verónica Lynn, Raúl Eguren, Armando Tomey, Corina Mestre, Eslinda Núñez, Isabel Santos and Anabel Leal. The character of the latter (Angélica) is especially remembered: The young woman she is in shock after being raped by her uncle Ramón de ella, played by Héctor Echemendía. Her phrase: “Girl, say hello to your boyfriend”, which her mother Doña Matilde (Corina Mestre) told her every time Antonio (Armando Tomey) came to visit her, also remained engraved among Cubans.

Isabel Santos received the DIVA award for Best Performance at the Second International Festival of Television and Video “Primavera Mujer” in Havana (1993) for her portrayal of Justina, the evil maid.

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