Passengers will be able to present a sworn declaration of luggage and money from the cell phone

Passengers will be able to present a sworn declaration of luggage and money from the cell phone

Domestic and foreign passengers entering the country will be able to carry out their customs procedures and controls more quickly through the Welcome to Peru APP, which will allow them to make the “Sworn Declaration of Baggage and Money” from a cell phone or tablet, provided they have goods or money to declare, informed the .

With the Welcome to Peru application, attention times will be reduced and the queues that were generated when carrying out the procedure in person at the airport or Border Attention Centers will be avoided.

The Digital Baggage Affidavit will be available in both English and Spanish from today, Wednesday, June 8, 24 hours a day, throughout the year and can be downloaded from the Play Store (for Android platforms) or Apple Store (for iOS platforms).

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The Welcome to Peru App will allow travelers entering Peru to register the Sworn Baggage Declaration (DJE), for those who have goods to declare and pay their customs taxes; and the Sworn Statement of Money – Income (DJDI), provided that the passenger brings cash and/or negotiable financial instruments, which exceed US$10,000.

The Sworn Declarations in the App can be completed before boarding, during the trip and at the Jorge Chávez International Airport or at the Border Attention Centers, even if the passenger does not have access to the Internet, because when they connect they will be able to send the information they Registration.

Step by Step

After downloading the APP, the user must select the option “entry into Peru” and a list of goods and items that can be entered without payment of taxes, as well as the amounts of money allowed, will appear in an informative way. This first part of the information seeks guide the traveler

In case you have goods or articles to declare, you must register the data of each one. Once it ends, it will do the same if you have more than $10,000 in money.

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Subsequently, you must enter the travel data, as well as your names and surnames, which will allow you to generate the declarations that will be used to make the payments and pass the customs control that already has the information in your system.

The scope of the mobile application is nationwide, that is, it can be used by passengers entering through land borders, international airports or by sea or river.

In this way, Sunat makes available to the traveler an additional alternative to make their declaration, which, for the time being, can also be presented in physical format.

Each year the entry and exit of more than 12 million passengers are registered, who transit mainly through the Jorge Chávez International Airport, who could benefit from this new customs service.


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