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The businessman José Ortiz, president of Tabesa, described as shameful and aberrant that the Government of Mario Abdo Benítez carries out a persecution against the national industry, specifically a sector that provides thousands of jobs and is one of the largest taxpayers of the treasury. .

In an interview with the channel GEN / Nación Media, tobacco businessman José Ortiz referred to the merciless official attack on national industries, which was revealed after President Mario Abdo Benítez himself violated banking secrecy and revealed information regarding the suspension of a bank account by the Banco Nacional de Fomento (BNF), due to journalistic publications about alleged money laundering.

“It is something shameful, aberrant and mediocre. It attacks the largest taxpayer and generator of employment in Paraguay. Tabesa was awarded as the best employer in Paraguay when his brother Benigno López was in the Treasury, and I don’t think he would say that his brother is a sucker”, he argued.

Ortiz deeply regretted that public institutions are used to persecute the national industry and directly accused the president of having ordered the closure of Tabesa’s account at the BNF. “They received the order from the president to close the Tabesa account for a political issue. That’s what the middle managers say, ”he attacked.

The businessman indicated that the company he is in charge of directly employs 1,100 people, to which are added distributors, producers, freight, among other items. “When Tabesa pays the salaries, the economic movement in Hernandarias triples,” he explained.

He also highlighted the legality and transparency with which Tabesa is managed. In this sense, he said that he does not sell to countries that are not within Gafilat, and that he has export files, with income to the customs system, etc.

On the other hand, José Ortiz pointed out that while the Government is focused on its political campaign, the national economy is plummeting. “There are debts, job losses, but they (the authorities) are boasting about closing accounts to the main taxpayer to the treasury. This government does not give a damn about the national industry, there are contraband products on every corner, while the industry does not sell and the delinquency increases, ”he condemned.

At another point he argued that Arnaldo Giuzzio, René Fernández and Carlos Arregui are “fools and fools” and that he will make them mush with valid arguments if they sit down on a television program for a debate on this case.


This campaign against the tobacco industry is taking place despite the fact that one of the companies (Tabesa) has been recognized by the Undersecretary of State for Taxation (SET) as the largest private contributor to the treasury.

In this sense, it should be noted that the largest beneficiary of the tobacco sector is the State, since the tobacco companies are the ones that receive the highest tax burden, but not the ones that generate the most income.

All these situations are added to the questionable protocol against tobacco smuggling, which threatens to kill the legal industry and promote clandestine factories and is currently under discussion in the National Congress.

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