Parties will hold semi-open and closed primaries

Parties will hold semi-open and closed primaries

Missing five months for the party primaries where they will choose their candidates from the positions of popular election and in that sense, the Major organizations have already begun to define the methods they will choose.

The matches are choosing to perform closed and semi-open primaries to choose their candidates for the 2024 municipal and presidential elections.

The governor Modern Revolutionary Party (DRP), will make some primaries and will opt for a closed register in which only people registered in their party organization would be participating.

The party organization would be summoning its National Committee in the next few days so that the primary method that must be presented before the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

Also, even the DRP considers the possibility that in some demarcations a different method is used.

while the opponent Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), became this past Tuesday the second party organization to choose its method for the selection of its candidates next October.

The method that the party will use will be surveys and semi-open primaries and only all those citizens who are part of the PLD register may participate and those who are not registered in any other party.

He PLD Political Committee reported that on Sunday March 26 the central committee It will meet to choose the method that the party will use to select candidates for senators, representatives, mayors and district directors.

In the same way, the CP will recommend to the CC that the election to choose the candidates for mayors, representatives and senators carried out through the survey method and that in the case of aldermen and vowels the method that is semi-open primaries.

JCE term

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) and the technical delegates of the matches agreed a period of 45 days for them to decide the modality to choose their candidates.

Through the National Directorate of Elections, it was established that the matches have until friday april 14 at 4:00 pm, so that they deposit their intention to participate in primaries and inform the type of pattern to use: open, closed or semi-open.

what the law says

Paragraph 1 of article 45 of Law 33-18, of MatchesGroups and Political Movements, indicates which are the methods to be used for politicians to choose their candidates.

“The primaries, conventions of delegates, militants, leaders and surveys are the modalities by which political parties, groups and movements choose their candidates. Candidates selected through any of these modalities are empowered to be registered in the corresponding electoral board, in accordance with the Constitution and the law”, indicates the aforementioned paragraph 1 of article 45.

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