Parties call to avoid exacerbations that encourage violence

Parties call to avoid exacerbations that encourage violence

Summit of authorities from all political parties in Parliament.  Photo: FA.
Summit of authorities from all political parties in Parliament. Photo: FA.

This Wednesday, September 14, the so-called “national dialogue in defense of democracy” was held in the Legislative Palace, an instance in which authorities from all political parties with parliamentary representation participated.

The initiative was proposed by the president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, and also participated: the president of the Board of Directors of the National Party, Pablo Iturralde; the general secretary of the Colorado Party, Julio María Sanguinetti; the president of Cabildo Abierto, Guillermo Domenech; and the leader of the Independent Party, Pablo Mieres.

Pereira pointed out that the Broad Front promoted the call for: “The defense of democracy, of political parties, and their relationship with each other and with society.”

From the FA it was indicated that in Uruguay there are and will continue to be profound differences on models and policies to be implemented. The expression of policies and their debate is part of the natural tensions that exist in a society”.

“From this general perspective and that central concern, that of the growth of inequality, we also point out, in this call for dialogue between the different political parties, that answers must be found for the growing presence of organized crime and drug trafficking in our country. The Sebastián Marset case shocked society and was a wake-up call, ”said the FA.

Political Party Financing Law

At the same time, the left considers that it is possible to work together on a Political Party Financing Law. “Uruguay requires a Party Financing Law that truly guarantees fairness and generates transparency. In particular, this Law must prevent legal or illegal actors that concentrate resources from distorting the democratic process by financing the electoral campaigns of parties and candidates”.

Likewise, the FA considers it necessary to advance in the “strengthening” of the Transparency and Public Ethics Board (JUTEP). “The actions of this body cannot be guided by political party needs and, therefore, it is necessary to strengthen its budget and resize its powers.”

“In a global context marked by the use of strategies that promote hate, political parties have a responsibility to make a call to avoid exacerbations that permeate society and encourage violence,” the left-wing coalition said.

Also in a statement it is expressed: “We feel that our democracy has aspects that are exemplary and it is necessary to cultivate and prioritize. Differences are a strength of our democracy and committing ourselves to finding a way to express them based on respect for the plurality of visions and interests that coexist in our society is a way to strengthen it”.

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