Parliamentarians demand the release of social leader Milagros Sala

Parliamentarians demand the release of social leader Milagros Sala

The deputy to the National Assembly (AN) Blanca Eekhout, member of the Venezuela-Argentina Parliamentary Friendship Group; demanded this Wednesday the release of the activist Milagros Sala in the framework of the commemoration of the 207 years of the Independence of Argentina.

“We celebrate with the young Argentines, the men and women who populate the Plaza de Mayo, asking for the disappeared. Today we celebrate with the Mothers, the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo. We celebrate asking for justice for Milagros Sala, for that indigenous people who have to break the chains that colonialism marks on this land”, Eekhout expressed during the regular session of the AN.

Similarly, he urged Latin American unity, in order to conquer the struggles promoted by San Martín, Che Guevara, Eva Perón, among others.

“Those chains that we broke more than 200 years ago, today it is more valid than ever, breaking the chains, building our independence, goes through the unity of our peoples,” he stressed.

It should be remembered that Milagro Sala has been detained since January 16, 2016 and, from that moment, the requests for different organizations for their freedom.

President Alberto Fernández asserted that, in the trial against Sala, the rule of law has been breached.

«In a rule of law, justice must work differently. I ask the judges of Jujuy and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, to please put aside the theories and doctrines that were disseminated in the years of the Government before ours,” he wrote on the social network Twitter, after visiting the leader when she was hospitalized.

Hall faces another trialwhich is based on the story of Alejandro Pilo Mansilla, a former member of Tupac Amaru –previously imprisoned for a kidnapping for extortion– who in 2017 agreed to denounce an event from 2009 before prosecutor Diego Cussel: the alleged disappearance and destruction of a file unrelated to Sala

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