Parliament backed Presidential tour of Eurasia

Parliament backed Presidential tour of Eurasia

Members of the Venezuelan parliament approved a document in agreement on Tuesday The National Assembly (AN) agreed on Tuesday a document in support of the international tour currently being carried out by the president Nicholas Maduroor by Eurasia.

The project was presented by deputy Gabriela Peña, who assured that the agenda advanced by the head of state is established to strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation with other countries.

He pointed out that this tour responds to the creation of a multipolar world and the signing of more than 20 agreements that will bring “prosperity for Venezuela,” he said while assuring that the agreements reached in this strategy cover various areas such as agriculture, energy , tourism and others such as tourism.

“Today we are at an advantage and we are working very hard to change everything that has to be changed, and turn Venezuela into a power, and contribute with a multipolar world and to the salvation of the planet”, he said.

Similarly, deputy Timoteo Zambrano specified that a tour of this nature seeks to break the blockade, isolation and stop the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States and its allies.

He also stressed that the tour is a precedent for dialogue between all sectors that takes place in the country, which will help consolidate a “new international normality,” he said.

The President has been on a tour of Euro-Asian countries since June 7.

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