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Parking in Asunción will cost “an arm and a leg”

The Municipality of Asunción plans that paid parking will come into effect from February 2023, whose estimated cost would be G. 4,500 per hour.

Federico MoraChief of Staff of the Municipality of Asunción, told Universo radio that the original contract establishes an hourly wage that would have a base of G. 5,000, but that at the request of the Municipality, the Consortium to lower to G. 4,500including taxes, so that it is assimilated in terms of payment by the driver.

The municipal official clarified that this provision will be in daytimeso there will be no charge for parking at night.

Likewise, at the initiative of the Intendancy, it was established that all Asuncion taxpayers who have their driving record and license up to date (from the capital) will have a 50% discount on the rate. They will also have an hour free to use in the morning and in the afternoon.

He maintained that there is no turning back and that paid parking will be a reality (Once the regulatory decree has been approved), taking into account that there is a judicial provision (in favor of Parxin that has a 15-year contract) from May of last year that obliges the municipality to execute it. To this is added, as he highlighted, that “this service can provide an order to the parking lot of the capital which is taken over by the car attendants with boxes that they reserve and charge according to the make of the vehicle and the customer’s face”.

On the other hand, he indicated that only 270 car attendants approached in a first survey and that is why they are doing a second round so that informal workers can be formalized.

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While, regarding the endurance What would there be on the part of the drivers to pay the amount, he clarified that in this case the owners of the vehicles are already paying the carers for parking on the streets, so the situation will only be regularized.

There are 9,600 georeferenced spaces Located in the downtown of Asunción, the historic center, in the area of ​​Market 4, Palace of Justice, Government offices and the corporate axis, in which each motorist will be able to occupy a place using a app in which you must register your data to start the clock.

Only 30% of what is collected by the Parxin company will go to the capital city.

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