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Paris reiterates its “concern” about the imprisonment of two French citizens in Nicaragua

Paris reiterates its "concern" about the imprisonment of two French citizens in Nicaragua

The Government of France reiterated this Thursday, October 13, its “concern” about the arbitrary detention of French citizens Jeannine Horvilleur Cuadra, 63, and her daughter Ana Álvarez Horvilleur, 43, who have been held captive since October 13. September in the “El Nuevo Chipote” torture prison.

According to the news agency euronewsa spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris said that France has requested permission to visit the now political prisoners, but that the Nicaraguan authorities have not yet responded.

Jeannine Horvilleur Cuadra and her daughter Ana Álvarez Horvilleur, both of Nicaraguan and French nationality, were detained by the Ortega Police when they were looking for the opposition Javier Álvarez Zamora, husband and father respectively, who managed to leave Nicaragua to request international protection.

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The Nicaraguan dictatorship accuses mother and daughter of allegedly “conspiring to undermine national integrity” and “spreading false news”, crimes with which Ortega and Murillo have imprisoned several opposition leaders.

Javier Álvarez, together with his daughter Ana Álvarez, who remains detained by order of the Ortega regime

Javier Álvarez told Reuters that his daughter and his wife had been detained as a way to attack him. “They were arrested out of revenge because they didn’t find me,” he said.

France has denounced that the authorities of the regime have not responded to the request made almost month ago to verify the state of health of political prisoners.

“The Nicaraguan government has refused to give information to Paris, according to a French official familiar with the matter,” Euronews reported.

The regime has launched a new hunt against opponents, arresting leaders of political organizations, activists and opponents, but also family members of those who are in exile due to threats and harassment against them.

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