Parental leave time for postpartum

Parental leave time for postpartum

With the aim of promoting equality and social inclusion and promoting the balanced distribution of roles and responsibilities in the home, a bill which seeks to increase the paternity leave for the birth of the wife or partner up to 15 business days.

This is a piece presented on April 21 by the senator of the People’s Force, for San Cristóbal, franklin rodriguez Garabitos and sent on April 26 to the Permanent Commission of Social Security, Labor and Pensions. According to what was proposed by the congressman, if this law is approved, article 54 of Law 16-92 would be modified to read: “The employer is obliged to grant the worker five days of license with enjoyment of salary, on the occasion of the celebration of the latter’s marriage; three days, in the case of the death of any of her grandparents, parents and children or of her partner and 15 days in the case of the birth of the wife or partner”.

Paragraph I of Article 54 states that in the event that the wife or partner dies during childbirth, the days of license will be 20 working days.

If approved, this law would cover public and private employees. Current regulations establish that workers are granted licenses for five days due to marriage; three days for the death of grandparents, parents and children or her partner and two days for the birth of his wife or partner.

Other bill It was submitted to the Chamber of Deputies on April 26 and is authored by the Perreme deputy for Puerto Plata, Johnny de Jesús Medina. Its purpose is to modify article 237 of the Labor Code to expand the license post natal for a period of five months for mothers in order to take care of their infant, breastfeed and take them to their regular pediatric medical appointments.

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