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Paranaense dismisses two players for a case of fixing

Paranaense dismisses two players for a case of fixing

Athletico Paranaense fired Brazilian full-back Pedrinho and Ecuadorian midfielder Bryan Garcia on Friday, suspected of being involved in a match-fixing scheme in Serie A of the Brasileirão.

Source: AFP

“Integrity and ethics are inalienable values ​​of Club Athletico Paranaense”indicated the cast of Curitiba in a statement.

The ‘Furacão’ assured that he will not rule on the case of the two athletes, members of the squad that obtained the runner-up in the Copa Libertadores in 2022, “because they understand that the issue must be dealt with by the competent authorities.”

“We understand that it is everyone’s duty, especially those who practice or have some relationship with soccer, to preserve and protect this heritage, vigorously combating any and all conduct that threatens their dignity and credibility,” he added.

pedrinho20 years old, and Garcia22, They were separated since Wednesday from the activities of the institutionafter their names appeared in gambler conversations found by Brazilian prosecutors and reported by local media.

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The players have not demonstrated and for the moment they have not been denounced before the courts for their alleged participation in the manipulation scheme, which is shocking Brazil.

Both are part of a group of eight soccer players from five Brasileirão teams who were provisionally separated from their cast between Tuesday and Wednesday on suspicion of game-fixing in the 2022 league.

If found guilty of manipulation of results, athletes are exposed to a penalty of up to six years in prison.

For the same case, the MLS suspended this week the Brazilian midfielder Max Alves, who plays for Colorado Rapids in the United States.

The athletes would have participated in an adulteration scheme that gave large profits to a criminal gang that bet on online sites, and which was discovered by the Goiás state prosecutor’s office based on an investigation that began last November.

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The “criminal organization” offered between 10,000 and 100,000 dollars for being booked or sent off, forcing a certain number of corner kicks, causing penalties or guaranteeing scores.

Authorities fear the gang was even operating outside of Brazil, which in recent years has tightened sanctions and increased investments to monitor gambling.

Prosecutors have so far charged 16 people, including players and alleged members of the network, and allege that at least 13 matches were rigged, eight of them last year’s first division.

The Goiás court ordered preventive detention for three of them: two alleged members of the gang, including the leader, and an alleged financier, as the agency learned this Friday. AFP.

The three are detained in the state of Sao Paulo and must be transferred to a prison in Goiania, the capital of Goiás, according to the judge.

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