Paramédicos no querían atender a un abuelito y policías los obligaron: ataque de epilepsia “no es emergencia vital

Paramedics did not want to attend to a grandfather and the police forced them: epilepsy attack “is not a vital emergency,” they said

Paramedics did not want to attend to a grandfather and the police forced them: epilepsy attack

The outrageous case was recorded in the city of Bucaramanga, the uniformed officers claimed and handcuffed one of the paramedics who did not want to attend to the older adult because “it was not a traffic accident.”

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A case that borders on the unacceptable, outrageous and even hardly credible was recorded during the last hours in the city of Bucaramanga. Several paramedics and an older adult were involved in the incident.

According to what is known, at least four police patrol cars reached a sector known as Cabecera in this region.

There they came to respond to a call from the community that warned them that several paramedics who had arrived in an ambulance were refusing to attend to a grandfather.

The reason? It was not a traffic accident, they denounced.

The images of the episode have been so outrageous that they went viral in a few hours through social networks.

They indicate that at the scene of the events there was an older adult who was sore and dazed from a heavy fall, he had had an epileptic seizure.

The uniformed men began to argue with the paramedics and asked them to treat the man, but they refused.

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“I am a police officer and I came to provide my service. You should do the same as an ambulance driver”, one of the police officers told him.

So much was the discussion that before the refusal that was maintained, the uniformed men handcuffed one of the subjects and demanded to have a sense of humanity.

The request of the police was joined by that of the people who witnessed the event. Even one of the members of the public force asked that “how is it not a traffic accident that gives them money so they don’t take it?”.

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