Paraguayan shines in North American soccer

The Naples United Football Club, a team from the National Premier Soccer League, became champion for the second consecutive year of the Sunshine Conference, having in its ranks the 32-year-old Paraguayan player, Diego Resquín.

Diego Eduardo Resquín, is a Paraguayan who undertook a trip to the United States in 2017 to seek to grow sportingly and professionally. He settled in Miami, a city in the extreme southeast of Florida.

The first team for which the compatriot signed was Miami United Football Club, where he managed to reach the fourth round of the Open Cup in 2018 with a 2-0 result over the Jacksonville Armada of Florida, establishing a tie in the fourth round. with Orlando City SC of Major League Soccer. He won several titles wearing that shirt.

Later, he was transferred to Florida Brothers Soccer and then jumped to the team he currently defends, the Naples United Football Club. It is a semi-professional soccer club based in Naples. In this institution he won the 2021 championship, and recently won the Bichampionship with the sky blue team.

What did you feel when you shouted champion?

It was a very nice feeling, since being a two-time champion in a country where I have lived for five years is not easy. I left practically everything aside like my country, which is Paraguay. Many childhood memories came to mind, my children and my family who are always there came to mind.

How was it for you to get to North American soccer?

It was through an acquaintance who contacted me to go play for Miami United and I didn’t hesitate, because I saw it as an opportunity to play abroad and since then I’ve been playing here for five years, the truth is I’m very happy .

Was it a difficult decision?

It was very complicated, because I had to leave my family, my children, my loved ones. It was not easy at all, however I managed to stabilize myself and I feel much better.

How is American football?

It is quite technical and mechanized and the physical is used a lot.

What experience did it give you?

It gave me the opportunity to meet people from other countries who teach and guide you along the way, because it is not easy to play abroad, but luckily I managed to get my place in the team.

How is life in America?

Miami is a fast city, it’s where I live, you work a lot, very hard, you don’t have time to spend with your family, you’re always running.

Can you live from sport?

Since I’m in the Third Division, I can’t make a living from football, it also gives me my space as an athlete and that’s why I’m very grateful to the president of the club. But for the day to day I work as a painter, I have my own company, I am encouraged to undertake to achieve better things and a better future.

What are your next goals?

Now we are going to participate in the Open Cup, I always dreamed of winning it, being able to play that championship motivates me, it is like the Paraguay Cup, so we will try to go as far as possible. But my main goal is to be able to be with my children soon.

What do you miss about Paraguay?

Undoubtedly the barbecue, but above all my children, who since I came I could not see them. One longs for that family atmosphere of Sundays and friends.

Do you usually follow Paraguayan soccer?

Quite a lot, because I am a fan of Cerro Porteño, a fan of the team, so we are more than aware of the championship.

What do you want to be in the future?

The idea is to be a sports manager, we are making the way to get there.

Anything you want to add?

Although I was born in New York, I have a Paraguayan mother and I spent my entire childhood in Paraguay. I spent 26 years of my life in that land and that is why I proudly carry the tricolor flag high, which is what represents me.

Any greeting?

I would like to take advantage of the moment to send greetings to my children who are my reason for being, also to my wife, and to the friends that I miss very much.

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