Paraguayan researcher is awarded a scholarship by the European Union program

Paraguayan researcher is awarded a scholarship by the European Union program

The architect Lucía Ganchozo was awarded a scholarship by an Erasmus Mundus program, for a master’s degree in cartography.

Lucía is associated with the project “Territorial transformations in the fluvial front of Asunción and the Metropolitan Area”.

The scholarship was offered by a group of four European universities: the Technical University of Munich, the Technical University of Vienna, the Technical University of Dresden and the University of Twente.

Ganchozo began as an intern researcher in the Infrastructure and Territorial Transformations project in Paraguay (1960 – 2014), also financed by Conacyt. Likewise, she had a couple of experiences at the Center for Research, Development and Innovation (CiDI-FADA-UNA).

She worked in public and private companies related to architecture, engineering and land use planning in different regions of our country.

The professional expressed her desire to take advantage of the knowledge that the master’s degree offers in cartography and visual analytics, since, as she commented, one of the main problems in Paraguay is the lack of updated cartographic data to work in the areas of urban design and territorial planning.

Lucía commented that both her selection for the scholarship and her acceptance into the program were surprising news for her. In addition, she highlighted that she was very excited about her selection, since this type of scholarship is a worldwide competition. (IP Agency)

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