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Paraguay is condemned for the Nissen Pessolani case

Paraguay is condemned for the Nissen Pessolani case

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruled in favor of former prosecutor Alejandro Nissen Pessolani, in the lawsuit filed against Paraguay, for the violation of judicial guarantees.

The president of the Tribunal of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights Ricardo Pérez read out the judgment in the case labeled Nissen Pessolani Vs. Paraguay.

declared the rinternational responsibility of Paraguay for the violation of different rights of Alejandro Nissenincluding the violation of the guarantee of an impartial judge.

The Paraguayan state is responsible for the violation of judicial protection and for the violation of the right to remain in office under conditions of equalityenshrined in article 23.

Consequently, P.Araguay will eliminate any public record against Alejandro Nissen, within six months. Too will pay as compensation, the amounts established as measures of restitution and reimbursement of spending forces.

On this point, the head of the Court mentioned a series of paragraphs in which said amounts appear.

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nissens iHe mainly investigated cases of corruption, until in March 2002 a complaint was filed against him alleging poor performance in his duties.

The Trial Jury removed Nissen from the post in 2003before which he filed an action of unconstitutionality, which was rejected by the Supreme Court of Justice in 2004.

It is alleged that in the processing of this process, Nissen did not have a competent judge, independent and impartial, and that their right to a defense, the principle of consistency, and a reasonable period of time were not respected.

It is also added that the arbitrary dismissal implied an affectation to the political rights of Prosecutor Nissen Pessolani.

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