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Paraguay closes the Rosario Games with 14 medals

The rest of the awards are divided between four silvers and also five bronzes.

The gold medals They arrived through Daniel Vallejo in singles and doubles tennis with Martin Vergara, Luana Alonso in swimming (100 m butterfly style), the duo Denisse Álvarez-Fiorella Núñez in beach volleyball and Violeta Fernandez in Weightlifting (up to 55kg).

In addition, the silver medals were given in swimming x2 (Luana Alonso in 50 m and 200 m butterfly), athletics (Fabrizio Jara in 110 m hurdles) and fencing (Luciana García in women’s saber).

This is how the final medal table of the South American Youth Games was left.

Meanwhile, the bronze medals were won by tennis (Dani Vallejo-Leyla Brítez in mixed doubles), beach volleyball (Camilo Vargas-Ángel Palacios duo), badminton (Alejandro Ávalos-Josías Haneman duo), men’s futsal and boxing (Lucas Sosa in 69-75 kg).

Likewise, the fencer Manuel Bernal won the bronze medal in the team made up of Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and Venezuela in the multi-country post, although this is not part of the official count of the Games.

The entrance Paraguay closes the Rosario Games with 14 medals was first published in diary TODAY.

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