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Paraguay closes 2022 with an inflation of 8.1%, according to the BCP

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Paraguay ends 2022 with inflation of 8.1%, higher than 6.8% last year, the issuing bank reported this Thursday.

With this result, Inflation in the country was below the projection for this year, 8.6%.

According to a statement from the Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP), The consumer price index (CPI) was located in December at -0.2%, below the 0% registered in the same month of 2021.

The BCP added that year-on-year inflation (December 2021-December 2022) was 8.1%.

Regarding the result of inflation in the last month of the year, the report detailed that it is explained, “to a greater extent, due to price reductions in certain food items and petroleum products.”

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Specific, Dairy products, eggs, as well as oils, fruits, vegetables and legumes fell.

Also the value of petroleum derivatives, such as gasoline and liquefied gas for domestic use, decreased.

However, andn December the cost of services such as the repair of household equipment reboundedvehicle maintenance, accommodation, rentals or pay television.

The value of durable goods in the basket also increased, including household appliances, furniture, automobiles, and mobile phones.

Similarly, beef prices rose especially the cuts traditionally used for New Year’s Eve parties, pointed out the BCP.

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On the other hand, substitutes for beef had a mixed performance, since while pork showed increases attributed to the high cost of inputs and higher demand, fish and poultry meat registered lower prices.

Last October, andhe BCP announced that it lowered its inflation forecast for this year from 8.8% to 8.6%.

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