«Papo Trenzas»: Yhonfer Beriguete dice miembros de la banda tirotearon su casa

“Papo Trenzas”: Yhonfer Beriguete says gang members shot at his house

Yhonfer Beriguete Romerothe young man who appears in a video being tortured by “the 30/30” either «The Braid Papo“, denounced that members of the alleged criminal gang shot at his house, for which he requests protection from the National Police.

«There are 30/30 and Chamo Sha left, they shot into my house. Chamo Sha says that because of me they killed his uncle, and he says 30/30 that they killed his boss,” he said..

He indicated that the individuals also shot at his cousin, who “thank God” managed to escape unharmed.

Yhonfer Beriguete

Yhonfer Beriguete Romero He adds that “30/30” also sent him a voice note threatening him, telling him that he would kill him or one of his relatives.

“He tells me: you think they let us go without weapons, and Papo sent us a pair of Bávaro glocks, we’re going to take control just the same, nothing has happened,” the young man said.

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More about torture

In the images you can see rosemary beriguete tied hands and feet, and begging for mercy, while the individuals cause burns in various parts of his body with melted plastic.

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“Please now (…) I do what you say, whatever, I even work with you”the victim is heard saying in the audiovisual, while one of his tormentors expresses: “pour goo on his head and on all sides.”

What does the National Police accuse “Los Papo Trenza” of?

In addition, to torture Yhonfer Beriguete Romerothe National Police attributes to the alleged criminal gang, having killed the second police lieutenant with gunshot wounds Juan Jose Abreu and caused similar injuries to two citizens in the Pueblo Nuevo sector of Los Alcarrizos.

The uniformed woman added that this group also took the life of firearm wounds to Cristofer de la Rosa Capella (a) Cala and/or Calambre, in the 24 de abril neighborhood of Los Alcarrizos. Also, he accuses them of committing acts of torture and barbarism against another young woman, whom in the same way (which they did with Yhonfer Beriguete Romero) caused multiple burns.

He indicated that the organization controls the Pantoja and Pedro Brand municipal districts, as well as the Manoguayabo sector, Santo Domingo Oeste municipality. It also has “ramifications in different parts of the country.”

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Members of “Los Papo Trenza”, who died at the hands of police officers

The deceased are Eric Ramon Perez German (a) El Mello and/or La Braza, 28 years old; Jeffrey Welcome Rosa Ferreras (a) Jeffrey Braids, about 36 to 40; Adrian Antonio Rodriguez Torres30 years old; Steven Betances-Lachapel26, and the nickname Milesy the Gunpowderfrom 30 to 35.

Rodríguez Torres and Betances Lachapel were corporal and enlisted of the institution, respectively, and were under investigation. Both deviated from the institutional guidelines by linking up with people related to criminal acts.

The sixth fatality – he died in a second incident, recorded at the Vinicio Calventi Hospital – and who was seized of a pistol, was Raudy Eliezer Soriano.

"Papo Trenzas": Yhonfer Beriguete says gang members shot at his house
Members of “Los Papo Trenza”, who died

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