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Panama’s Bronze Medal in Taekwondo does not count in the 2023 Central American Games Medal Table

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Angel Valdes | July 7, 2023

A very curious case has occurred in the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 in the sport of Taekwondo Individual Poomsae Male and Female Freestyle modality, after the test, reward the athletes and appear in the medal table, the medals of all the winners and the event itself disappeared from the website and the medal table, among them the bronze medal that the Panamanian Daniela Rodríguez won in that event.

The gold medalist in that competition was the Guatemalan woman, María Higueros, who is represented by Centro Caribe Sports, and the men’s gold medal went to the Mexican William Arroyo. It was precisely through information from Guatemala and Mexico that the news broke that this medal was removed from the competition and from the medal table.

Why was this medal removed?

After the competition, the delivery of medals and photographs by the proud athletes for having won, it was later learned that the organization decided not to count said medals because they did not have the minimum number of athletes for said tests.

According to the regulations of this competition, for a medal to be official, at least 5 athletes must be signed up, in the women’s event there were 4 athletes participating and in the men’s event 3 athletes participated.

That is why the Panamanian athlete Daniela Rodríguez will not be told about the bronze medal obtained in that test that was even eliminated from the website, a strange event that will remain as an anecdote of winning a medal that did not count in the Central American Games and from the Caribbean.

It should be noted that Rodríguez won another medal in Poomsae than if he is in the medal table for Panama.

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