Panamanian authorities present actions to adapt to climate change in Geneva, Switzerland

The Water Security Directorate of the Ministry of the Environment participates in the World Workshop on Water, Agriculture and Climate Change, organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, through the Water Convention and the Protocol on Water and Health, which takes place from October 17 to 19 in Geneva, Switzerland.

According to MiAmbiente, this meeting is held to strengthen cooperation, synergy between activities within hydrographic basins and share good practices in the development and application of policies in transboundary basins.

“With this training, knowledge in transboundary basin management is strengthened, based on the application of good practices to reduce the demand for water and the impacts on its quality as adaptation measures to improve the integrated management of water resources,” said the entity. .

Yarid Guevara, head of the Department of Integrated Management of Hydrographic Basins of the Directorate of Water Security, presented the actions of the Ministry of the Environment of Panama, regarding the implementation of Law 44 of August 5, 2002 and Executive Decree 479 of April 23, 2013, based on the creation of 44 River Basin Committees.

Under these actions, adaptation to climate change is sought in restoration projects that include reforestation of water protection areas, training and awareness on environmental management issues.

He concluded that the work of the Sixaola River binational basin project, which integrates women and indigenous groups in water management, was made known.

It should be noted that Panama is currently in the process of joining the Water Agreement.

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